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Creating vibrant, expressive works of art is a way for me to convey my passion to the world.

I am a painter of narratives, abstracts, citiscapes and landscapes. I work in a variety of materials, mostly oils and acrylics, painting on wood and canvas. I love illuminating and reflective finishes, so I experiment using paints with glazes, glosses, epoxies, car paints, nail polishes, wax, polyurethane, a variety of materials for texture and gold leaf.  Painting on wood is my favorite material, since I enjoy working with nature, wood is alive, and I can interact with it. The wood reveals the images, which I draw and enhance as I place color into the wood.
My technique is to paint on layers, most times leaving the grain of the wood exposed, essential to the design.  When involved in the creative process I find that working in series is important to me.  Working on a series reveals my artistic process as changes occur when manipulating the colors and textures. A series can show how making slight changes, allows the subject to develop. As the series unfolds, each painting stands on its own, yet together they are part of a greater whole.
I enjoy creating large scale paintings. 
I am influenced by styles of certain artists, I study on my frequent trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Colors of the Fauvists, like Henri Matisse and Andre Durian, are reflected in my paintings.  I have painted "odes" to the likes of Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso.  Elements of color and placement, inspired by Japanese Art , can be seen in my work.
I have created some religious art; I am drawn to its narratives.
I am a personal painter, yet I am trying to communicate with the viewer.

I have participated in numerous exhibitions all over the United States and internationally. I have acted as curator to several exhibitions.  I am active in the artist community of New York and New Jersey.

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